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How can I manage my subscription?


You can make changes to your subscription and manage your payment and renewal preferences by logging in to 'My Account'.




Once logged in, you can make changes to your profile, and manage your memberships, payment options, and newsletter subscriptions.



Under the 'Memberships' tab, you can make changes to your delivery address or update payment and renewal preferences:




If you would like to upgrade your membership type for example from monthly to annual, you can do this by clicking on the 'Upgrade' button.


If your membership is not on auto-renewal and you are within 6 months (2 weeks for monthly memberships) of your membership expiration date, there will be an option to Renew Membership. You will need to make sure that a payment method has been added before you are able to complete the renewal. 

NOTE: if you would like to renew but your subscription has already expired, simply resubscribe at


To see a list of your payment methods, to add a new card, or to change your default payment, go to the 'Payments' tab:





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