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How do I gain permission to reprint an article from Christianity Today?

Christianity Today is not able to grant permission for our articles to appear on another website. Other websites may include a brief summary or up to two paragraphs of an article with a link back to our site. However, we can grant permission for any original article (not a reprint) to be printed for ministerial or educational purposes. This permission is granted with the understanding that no more than 1,000 copies will be made, the material is distributed free of charge, and that the following credit line appears on each printed copy:

“This article first appeared in (insert date) issue of Christianity Today. Used by permission of Christianity Today, Wheaton, IL 60187.”

Or for online articles:

“This article first appeared on on (insert article date). Used by permission of Christianity Today, Wheaton, IL 60187.”

For academic works, citations may vary in keeping with industry standards. You may quote up to a few paragraphs (with proper citation) under fair use standards.

For any other use, advance permission must be obtained from the author. We cannot release author contact information. Please contact us at:

Christianity Today
Attn: Reprint request
PO Box 788
Wheaton, IL 60187
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