Plagiarism, Permissions and Usage

Can I use these illustrations and quotes in articles or papers I write?

If the "Used by permission" phrase does not occur in an illustration, then simply check with us by clicking here. If you are writing for publication, you cannot legally use any illustration for which permissions are required by the copyright holder. These illustrations are indicated by the phrase "Used by permission." Since we couldn't publish it legally without permission, it is illegal for anyone else to do so, too. So, when you see "Used by permission" at the bottom of any illustration, contact the original publisher before using it in a publication. For papers that are intended for private, non-commercial, use, please be careful to observe Federal fair-use copyright regulations and also give credit where credit is due. If there is ever any question about permissions, please contact us or the original publisher for permission. For this reason, we attempt to provide as much bibliographic and source information for each illustration or quote as we can. View the End User License Agreement for more details. For additional resources on plagiarism, see the skills articles When Do We Cross the Line into PlagiarismPlagiarism, Schmagiarism and Stolen Goods: Tempted to Plagiarize.

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