Understanding Your Report

Can I see how salary varies based on church income like the tables in the Compensation Handbook?

ChurchSalary's custom reports show you salary data for similar employees serving in similar churches. As such, they will show you salary data from employees serving at churches within a single budget (or budget and size) range (e.g., senior pastors at churches with a budget between $1M-$2M).

However, members can produce a set of numbers similar to the data tables printed in the old Compensation Handbook by varying the church budget criteria up and down on the Report page. For example, an executive pastor at a church with a budget of $750k-$1M could run three sets of reports for each employee (i.e., $500k-$750k, $750k-$1M, and $1M-$2M). Using this batch-report technique, a set of averages for the Salary Comparison section as well as a set of median and salary range figures can be generated.

This technique is especially helpful if your church falls on the border of one of ChurchSalary's ten budget and/or size categories (see below).




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