Understanding Your Report

How is the blue distribution graph generated? Does it take my location into account?

The first section of every ChurchSalary report features a blue distribution graph that visualizes the range of salaries for similar employees serving at similar churches nationwide.

Employees in ChurchSalary's database are initially filtered from a pool of nationwide respondents based on your selected criteria: position, employment status (full-time or part-time), church budget, and church size (which is optional).

Location is used as a filter or as a component of the Salary Comparison, Localized Salary Recommendation, Cost of Living Comparison, and Comparable Jobs sections.

The video below walks you through the blue distribution chart as well as the first section, the Nationwide Salary Summary, in more depth. 

Have questions about other sections in your report? Watch our other How To videos, consult our FAQs, or contact us.

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