I was charged tax for my membership, but my church is tax-exempt.

For our memberships, unfortunately our system is limited with what we can do with tax after you purchased a subscription. Please send us a copy of your tax exempt certificate through our contact us form. When we receive it, we can extend your membership by one month to compensate for the extra amount paid, or if you would like to cancel this subscription and renew/subscribe without the tax, please call our Customer Service Department at 515-237-3683 with your tax exempt number and our Customer Service Representatives will help you.

Also if you would like to be taken off the auto-renewal program so you can manually renew each year with your tax exempt number please go to Customer Care and change the auto-renewal status.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will be sure to extend you for more than the value of the tax if you wish to keep it the same.

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