Use and Permissions

We are a professional office and have a Church Law & Tax membership. With whom can we share the password?

Membership privileges for law offices, CPA firms, professional organizations, businesses, denominational agencies and parachurch ministries are limited strictly to paid employees who work together in a single building. Commercial use of Church Law & Tax material is prohibited.

The following examples clarify the appropriate use of the subscription privileges.

Example 1. A law office purchases an annual membership. An attorney in the office has a church client. The attorney cannot share access to the website with the client. The client must become a member of Church Law & Tax. All attorneys and paid employees in the firm who work in the same building may access the site.

Example 2. A Diocese and a denominational agency each become members. They cannot share the Password and ID with any missionary, congregation, or parish within their jurisdiction. Nor can they reprint articles or any other information from the site and distribute it in any means whatsoever to the churches with which they work. Rather, each individual congregation or parish must purchase its own individual membership.

Example 3. A parachurch organization has its headquarters in Colorado Springs. The organization also has staff members serving in other cities throughout the United States. The organization purchases an annual membership. Only paid employees who work at the Colorado Springs headquarters can access the site. Staff members, who work in other cities, or even in other locations in Colorado Springs, must obtain their own individual membership.


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