Use and Permissions

We are a church and have a Church Law & Tax membership. With whom can we share our log in information?

Your membership provides access for everyone in the church, including clergy, board members, church treasurers, paid staff, volunteer workers, and any other member of a single, local congregation or parish. If you meet together, work together, and worship together at the same site, then you can share your access to the account. 


For example:

Example 1. A local church buys a membership. The pastor, board members, church treasurer, staff members, volunteer workers, and other members within the church all use the same login and password to obtain resources and training. This is an appropriate use of the privileges.

Example 2. Let's say the church from example one starts a mission church, and gives the pastor their Church Law & Tax login. This is a violation of the membership privileges. The new congregation must obtain its own membership.

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