Understanding the Data

Can I get a report that is even more specific to my job duties, location, etc.?

The short answer is, probably not. But it never hurts to Contact Us.

What about more positions?

ChurchSalary's reports are powered primarily by our two survey mechanisms:

  1. National Church Compensation Survey
  2. Staff Salary Survey

Both of these surveys were redesigned in 2021 and 2022 to gather more precise data about job titles and job descriptions with the goal of launching and expanding our list of eighteen positions. We plan to use this newly gathered data to launch several new positions in the near future. 

What about my location?

ChurchSalary launched a dedicated location tool in 2021 called the Localized Salary Recommendation section. Learn more about it at the articles blow.

But what if I want a report based on my specific city or ZIP code?

Narrowing salary data down to a specific ZIP code, city, or even metropolitan statical area is currently beyond our capability for purely mathematical reasons.

For example, there are currently around 32,991 ZIP codes in the United States. Around 80% of the population lives in the top 27% of ZIP codes. In order for ChurchSalary to create reports with a bare minimum of at least 7 employees for the most populated 8,907 ZIP codes, across at least 10 different budget ranges, for both full-time and part-time staff serving in our 18 common church positions, we would need data from at least 3.2 million employees.

We are pretty sure that number is bigger than all of the paid church staff in the US.

This problem persists even if you zoom out to cities, towns, and villages. There are around 19,495 of these municipal "places" in the US. If we set aside the 14,768 places with population of less than 5,000 people, that leaves us with only 4,727 cities, towns, and villages. Providing reports for 4,727 places would require ChurchSalary to gather data on at least 1.7 million employees.

That said, ChurchSalary is evaluating providing reports at the MSA (metropolitan statistical area) level. There are 387 MSAs in the US. To provide reports for all 18 positions, we would need data on 139,000 employees. That is currently out of our reach. However, it may be possible to provide reports at these levels for a handful of common positions such as senior, executive, youth, children, worship, and adult ministry pastors. That limited set of positions would require 46,440 records, which our database may reach within the next couple years.

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