Understanding the Data

There isn’t data for my position. What should I do?

We work hard to canvass adequate data for all positions. That said, gathering data for certain positions is a lot easier for some (e.g., Senior Pastor) than for others (e.g. Custodian). If there isn’t data for your paid position in the church, you can do two things.

First—and most importantly—share your data with us! Take our survey. Chances are, others out there in your same role also wish more data was in our database. The only way to make that happen and help others, too, is to share your data with us!

Second—try to approximate a similar position whose data we do have. Job titles vary widely in churches, but another role’s duties may overlap your own, so read the descriptions for each (found on the home page under the Staff Position selection bar) before giving up. If that still doesn’t work, we recommend looking at other secular or nonprofit salary sources, which may help approximate your role.

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