Understanding the Data

Where does ChurchSalary’s data come from?

ChurchSalary collects data throughout the course of the year via our online survey. This data is validated, analyzed, and added to our system several times a year. We also partner from time to time with organizations such as the Barna Group and Clarity Research to capture the most detailed, up-to-date compensation information possible.

With more than 32,000 survey records collected, validated, and analyzed from over 19,000 churches across the country, our data delivers accurate, up-to-date market pricing information for 18 unique job positions. 

Here's a quick summary of our data collection methodology:


COLLECT: ChurchSalary collects data through our own National Church Compensation Survey and Staff Salary Survey as well as from other organizations.

VALIDATE: Salary data is vetted to filter our invalid or incorrect data. Using knowledge gleaned from our existing database of records and statistical methods, ChurchSalary either heals records (e.g., simple entry mistakes) or rejects them.

ANALYZE: Data is filtered and analyzed primarily based on position, employment status, church budget, and church size. In addition, criteria such as experience, education, and geographical settings are used to filter and analyze salary data in every report.

DELIVER: Insights specific to customer’s needs are presented in custom reports which can be either viewed online or downloaded. Members are able to save, label, and organize multiple reports.

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