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Do the salary figures include benefits?

Currently, the figures in every salary report reflect total annual salary, not total compensation. In other words, for pastors who receive a housing allowance they include both the housing allowance and "base salary." But they do not include non-salary amounts such as insurance, benefits, SECA supplement payments, etc.

The biggest challenge of providing figures for benefits is ensuring a like to like comparison. For example, one church might pay $10K for individual health insurance while another church might pay $30K for family health insurance, too. A single average that includes both types of insurance will reflect a "cost" that no church in the real world can purchase for their staff. This apples-to-apples problems extends to differences tied to deductibles, PPP versus HDHP versus HMO versus cost sharing plans, etc.

That said, ChurchSalary is actively gathering data on benefit amounts and total compensation through our Staff Salary Survey and our revised National Church Compensation Survey. And we are working on ways to include a more precise and useful comparison of these costs for church employers in a future version of ChurchSalary.

While we work on those new products, don't hesitate to contact us and ask for specific figures. We may have the data already.

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