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I cannot access/download the report I paid for.

If you have paid for an individual report, or have a subscription and are looking to download a report as part of your subscription, your reports after they have been run show up under My Saved Reports after you log in. You can simply click on the "PDF" button to download your report.

My Saved Reports page:


If you are a subscriber and your report isn't showing up there, you can always re-run the report logged in with all the same criteria as your reports are unlimited. If you ordered a single report a-la-carte, you can also try to run the report again logged in and after running through the steps, if you haven't completed the process before, it should allow you to view the report without paying again.

If you are unable to access the report you paid for without it prompting you to pay again, please contact us through our form and we can assist you, making sure you get the report you paid for.

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