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I cannot access/download the report I paid for.


Log in and visit your My Saved Reports page.

If your report is not listed on this page and you have paid for the report, the process may have been interrupted. Follow these instructions to complete the three-step process and associate the report with your account.

If you have purchased a single report, you can also try to run the report again.

When you pay for your order with Paypal a profile is created with your Paypal email address, and your report can be found in that profile.

If you are unable to access the report you paid for without the system prompting you to pay again, please contact us through our form and we can assist you. We will make sure that you get the report you paid for.


Log in and visit the My Saved Reports page.

If a report does not appear on this page, you did not click the green “Download Report” button at the bottom of the page. Members will need to re-run their report using all the same criteria and click “Download Report.”

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